Whales & Ocean Life

The warm waters surrounding the island of Maui are the winter home to  magnificent humpback whales.  These graceful creatures migrate thousands of miles to breed and give birth around the Hawaiian islands.  George Steckler brings you the magic of the humpback whales, dolphins, and other creatures of the tropical ocean in these extrordinary photos.


As a sports photographer George Steckler has captured the intense action of NFL football working with the San Fransisco 49ers, the steady concentration of the PGA masters from Arnold Palmer to Tiger Woods, the turbulance of ice hockey games, and much more.  For any sports fan who wants to get closer to the action, these are the photos that will take you there.


The beaultiful island of Maui - No Ka Oi, is a tropical paradise and travel destination for visitors worldwide.  George Steckler has made this island his home, and shares with you the the variety of landscape, climate, and color that are found around each unique island location.  His photos of Aloha will bring paradise to you.


Circus, stand-up comedy, and rock and roll...George Steckler has photographed them all.  His talent and professionalism have earned him the respect of performers from all walks of life, and all areas of entertainment.  His eye for capturing the energy of the moment, the spark of entertainement, is what sets him above the reast.  Who knows, perhaps you'll find your favorite performer here in this entertainment collection.


For centuries the moon has captivated humankind.  Distant yet so very familiar, our moon is the changing constant of our skies that invokes mystery and calm.  These photos will bring it close enough to reach out and almost touch the pocked landscape of our celestial neighbor.  


Quick to flight with their bright colors and intriguing melodies and chirps, these small feathered creatures have caught Steckler's eye, and been preserved through his camera lens.  Which of of these small wonders will capture your attention and heart?


As the daylight fades from the sky, we find time to pause and relfect.  Every sunset is a zen like work of art, never to be repeated but breathtaking to behold while you can.  George Steckler captures the beauty of the darkening sky through his camera lens.  Experience the tranquility, majest, and colors of each sunset captured for a lifetime.